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SKU: 263


Cat. No. for     Set of three Plug B Cat. No. for    
  Bottom Model Taper Model   Right Hand Dies Left Hand Dies Size
CH263001A CH263001B CH263001C CH263001ST CH263001DR CH263001DL 2 MM x 0.4
CH263002A CH263002B CH263002C CH263002ST CH263002DR CH263002DL 3 MM x 0.5
CH263003A CH263003B CH263003C CH263003ST CH263003DR CH263003DL 4 MM x 0.7
CH263004A CH263004B CH263004C CH263004ST CH263004DR CH263004DL 5 MM x 0.8
CH263005A CH263005B CH263005C CH263005ST CH263005DR CH263005DL 6 MM x 1.0
CH263006A CH263006B CH263006C CH263006ST CH263006DR CH263006DL 7 MM x 1.0
CH263007A CH263007B CH263007C CH263007ST CH263007DR CH263007DL 8 MM x 1.25
CH263008A CH263008B CH263008C CH263008ST CH263008DR CH263008DL 9 MM x 1.25
CH263009A CH263009B CH263009C CH263009ST CH263009DR CH263009DL 10 MM x 1.5
CH263010A CH263010B CH263010C CH263010ST CH263010DR CH263010DL 11 MM x 1.5
CH263011A CH263011B CH263011C CH263011ST CH263011DR CH263011DL 12 MM x 1.75
CH263012A CH263012B CH263012C CH263012ST CH263012DR CH263012DL 14 MM x 2.0
CH263013A CH263013B CH263013C CH263013ST CH263013DR CH263013DL 16 MM x 2.0
CH263014A CH263014B CH263014C CH263014ST CH263014DR CH263014DL 18 MM x 2.5
CH263015A CH263015B CH263015C CH263015ST CH263015DR CH263015DL 20 MM x 2.5
CH263016A CH263016B CH263016C CH263016ST CH263016DR CH263016DL 22 MM x 2.5
CH263017A CH263017B CH263017C CH263017ST CH263017DR CH263017DL 24 MM x 3.0
CH263018A CH263018B CH263018C CH263018ST CH263018DR CH263018DL 25 MM x 3.0
CH263019A CH263019B CH263019C CH263019ST CH263019DR CH263019DL 27 MM x 3.0
CH263020A CH263020B CH263020C CH263020ST CH263020DR CH263020DL 30 MM x 3.5
CH263021A CH263021B CH263021C CH263021ST CH263021DR CH263021DL 33 MM x 3.5
CH263022A CH263022B CH263022C CH263022ST CH263022DR CH263022DL 36 MM x 4.0
CH263023A CH263023B CH263023C CH263023ST CH263023DR CH263023DL 39 MM x 4.0
CH263024A CH263024B CH263024C CH263024ST CH263024DR CH263024DL 40 MM x 4.0
CH263025A CH263025B CH263025C CH263025ST CH263025DR CH263025DL 42 MM x 4.5
CH263026A CH263026B CH263026C CH263026ST CH263026DR CH263026DL 45 MM x 4.5

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